Gazebo ENGLISH OAK Framed Gazebo 150 x 150 Posts 4m x 4m

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Our range of luxury Oak Garden Gazebos, are manufactured to the highest standards & built to stand the test of time in your garden 

Choose from octagonal, square, or rectangular  An oak gazebo is a stunning addition to any garden and an extremely versatile garden structure. Outside dinning is not only improved with shelter from the weather but the striking vaulted underside of the roof adds a wonderful atmosphere. This is also the case for using the gazebo as a hot tub shelter, a very popular use, these can even be installed over an existing hot tub. An oak gazebo is an extremely strong and sturdy structure with a fashionable chunky design.

Looking for a different size or style?  No problem. Just tell us what size/style you want & let us design your perfect Gazebo

Our Gazebo’s include:  150mm x 150mm Oak posts.  150mm X 100mm Oak top plates   Oak knee braces. Oak rafters,  Cedar shingles Gazebo dimensions are: from the outside of one post to the other There is a 15cm overhang at the eves which means that at the bottom of the roof the gazebo is 30cm  across.  2m entry height Total height of the gazebo is 3.4m Roof pitch is 30 degrees

Available as self build kits or fully installed. For a custom design or install and delivery costs just call us on 01327 226512

Standard or Bespoke, Solid Oak Gazebos  Made from solid oak, you can stain or treat the timber or leave it untreated for the oak to naturally turn the classic silver-grey over time.

Fresh Sawn Oak.  Please note fresh sawn oak will have some discoloration on the faces and some shrinkage & movement will be inevitable as the oak dries out.

Other roof options are available i.e felt shingles, slate etc.

Bespoke sizes and shaped Gazebos available on request
The oak gazebos can be collected or delivered as a DIY kit. All fixings for the frame are supplied. We don't supply fixings for the shingles

Our range of oak gazebos can be placed directly onto the ground where they will be secure for decades. The cedar shingles are not treated in any way as is traditional and over time will turn a beautiful silver grey. Typically the underside of the roof is hidden by sheets of ply to cover the unsightly softwood rafters and batten. This technique is not used on our gazebo so that the oak rafters and tile batten are visible from the interior to display the beauty of the oak.

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